Saturday, 29 March 2008

Apple and Pears Door Stop

As part of my sourcing and research in preparation for my new business I have become somewhat obsessed with finding the perfect country apple and pear doorstop patterns. Unfortunately the only place that had one had ceased trading. Does anyone know where a good pattern can be found?

First Blogs - Boxer Dogs

Well, here I am making my first ever posting on a blog. I hope you all have some advice on this for me!

As I write I have 3 dozy dozing boxers by my side. What is it about these dogs that make you love them so much whilst driving you to destraction? Rio, the daddy with a tongue so long it can't fit in his mouth, so gentle and badly bullied by Bella the mum and worse still by Lily his daughter. Bella is the boss and can be grumpy at times - having twelve puppies probably had something to do with this. Lily, the baby, cheeky and intelligent always looking for mischief, able to open doors and steal food.

Who else loves these dogs? I seem to spend half my time clearing up after them and the rest visiting the vets because they have eaten a dishcloth or swallowed a pigs foot whole or been stung by a bee and their face has swollen to twice its size (Rio!)